Hi! I'm Elena Bagni a Graphic Designer a Snowboarder a Surfer a Skater a Woman

Hi there, I’m Elena,

professional freelance Graphic Designer born in Cesena, Italy.

I got a degree in Science of Communication in Bologna and a 2nd level master in Graphic Design in Venice at IED (European Institute of Design).

I’ve had different working experiences in agencies and companies such as Diesel, Tod’s and Scuderia AlphaTauri F1 team in Faenza.

My skills range from Branding, Illustration, Editorial Design to Photography, Motion Graphic and Video Editing.


When I was young i used to draw a lot but I’ve realized I was a creative person who was born to work creating and imagining when I was 7. Back then my first experience was trying to build a hot air balloon on my parents’bed. I was using their own clothes in the effort of creating my balloon and I was very proud of my work…when my mum broke into their room and almost had an heart attack mistaking me for a thief at work.

I’m very curios, meticulous and passionate, I always try my best in everything I do.

I have a big passion for board sports in particular snowboarding, surfing and skating and I really love traveling.

My dream for the future is challenging my skills  as much as I can, living around the world, practicing the sports I love.